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why Choose Us?

We’re not some fancy “investment company” who makes big promises and leaves you hanging. We work with apartment & multiplex owners who are interested in selling their investments. We’re fair. We’re straightforward. And we treat others like we’d want to be treated.

Note: We are not brokers or real estate agents. We are based in New Albany, IN and using our own capital to purchase your property. No commissions & no fees.

Fair Price

We’re not going to low-ball you or try to “steal” your property for peanuts. We’ll give you a fair price, be straightforward and transparent through the entire process.

Quick and Efficient Inspection

We’ve got people on standby ready and waiting to give you a quick and efficient inspection.

Simple and Fast Closing

We’re not interested in “creative financing” and we don’t need you to finance the sale. We have cash and are ready to close quickly.

No Complex Contingencies

We hate fine print and complex agreements. We hate it even more when over zealous appraisers swoop in and kill your deal.